Real Life


Fear, the biggest four letter word we all face on a daily basis. It can come from a variety of things that effect us daily. What are yours? Everyone has different fears that they face on a daily basis. Mine come up, but they tend to go away after a while. They still linger, but not as relevant when I am focused on other things. Have you made a list of what your fears are, and have you put them as a priority of what needs to be done now versus what can wait?

I have my own list of fears that I tend to read, or go through my head, or pop up in my mind like some sad memory. People say, “Throw that fear out the window.” not sure about you, but I tend to look at them with a look of, “You don’t say.” and try not to roll my eyes or give them some attitude to show my irritation.

There is nothing wrong with making a list of what your fears are. I will share mine with you:

  • Single forever
  • Alone
  • Poor
  • Living with family – forever
  • Stuck – never ending wheel of crap in my life
  • Never finishing my Degree
  • Can’t find a better paying job

Honestly this list is ridiculous, but it goes through my head daily because of where my life is at now. I am thankful for having a roof over my head, food in my belly, a car that is running (but leaks gas), a job (even though they treat me like an idiot), and the friends I do have. I am looking forward to re-establishing my life (yet again) in a way that will make me feel like a human being in her late thirties.

Having a relationship would be great! I know I’m a mess, and a nut case (in the nicest way), but I’d love to have a stable relationship with zero expectations of where we go when we’ve hit the next phase. It would be something that we would work towards together.

What about you? Do you write out your fears and go over them constantly? Am I the odd ball in this one? Let me know.