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Single Awareness

Did you know there was a week dedicated to people who are Single? Me either! I heard it on the radio this morning, and it surprised me because it reminds me of where my life is.

Yes, I do enjoy being in a relationship. I know I’d be faithful, loyal, and loving to my partner (geesh, I sound like a lap dog…don’t forget to scratch me behind my ear), yet I am also sure that my life isn’t put together like those of my age. It is a daily reminder from people who are married, in a relationship, or divorced (newly single) that you have yet to experience life. I am not sure what they think single life is like, but not everyone is the same.

When your single you have “options” it depends on what those options are because many of us have done the sleeping around in our twenties. We thought we’d find the right person, and the right path for our lives eventually, but at some point there was a breakdown of communication between what we want to the Universe.

The one thing I had always hoped was for those who are married, have been married, and even have kids to STOP, just please STOP looking at single people like we are some deformed creature. We are not Quasimodo stuck in some tower, we are not lepers so do not worry about “catching” something. Do not look down at us either because you never know why we are single.

Yes, we are fully aware that it is now legal for the LGBTQ+ community to marry, believe me is doesn’t make a lot of us feel any better knowing that they have been fighting for equality, and the acceptance of marrying the person they love, and they get married when I am standing at the bar avoiding the bouquet being thrown (at any wedding) then the face of, “Oh bless your heart.” or my favorite, “Don’t worry there are plenty of fish in the sea.” and then, “Always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride.” yes I’ve been given every single one of those faces. I just laugh and go dance alone.

What about you? Do you worry about being single? Do you think there is a stigma to being “alone”? Think about this week because not only do we have a week to ourselves, but we also have February 15th – Singles Day.