Too Needy?…explain please.

I often wonder if I am too needy when it comes to a relationship. I go through the list of yes and no from who I am, what I am all about, and how I can manage life on my own. I can say I am probably 50% needy. Some who know me will say it should be higher, but personally I know I can handle being alone.

The word Needy is an adjective; (of a person) lacking the necessities of life; very poor. Reading the definition I kind of laughed because to be honest we all lack something in life, and need something or someone in it to make us feel like we are important or special.

This is how I know I am not that needy. I am okay with going days without talking to someone, texting them, or spending time with them because I’ve got other things to do, and people to spend time with. Yes, there are a few times I hoped that he would be the one to reach out to me, but unfortunately he is one sided and doesn’t really wonder what I am doing when we are not together. Believe me, he loves his space, and being alone. I am the kind of person who can take it or leave it.

If I can manage my life on my own without someone in it, does that mean I am an independent woman who can deal, or am I a weak person because I can’t really manage my life all that well, and I’d be happy to let someone take control? Does that make me less of a woman or make me needy?

I’m okay with sleeping alone, do I wish I had the other person with me? Sometimes, not all the time. I love sleeping alone. Do I wish I had someone to come home to besides a cat? Sometimes, because that means I can walk into my room take the bra off and get into my pajama’s with no judgment.

However, that does not mean I wouldn’t love it if he would reach out to me for no reason, just because he needs me for something.

What about you, do you consider yourself needy at all?