Worth Fighting for?

We all know love is completely complicated. When we get to know someone we get to know their good side, bad side, and little strange things that make them unique and special, but when things get confusing is it really worth keeping around?

I know this is a constant question that I ask as if I sound like a broken record, because when it comes to relationships and meeting someone who makes you smile, laugh, give a part of yourself to them over and over again. Keeping them happy, and yourself should be something that you think about when it comes to your life. Right?

My love life has been a never ending hamster wheel, do I want this person? do I not want them? am I really letting him go? why do I keep letting him come back into my life? I mean I really do feel like a yoyo in this part of my life. I laugh at myself sometimes because it really is funny. Never once have I ever wanted to be with someone so much that I sometimes feel the emptiness in my heart, and tend to forget the sound of his voice, and when we are together the spark is right there like it never left or was ever forgotten.

I recently asked a psych about if two people who are polar opposites in signs can really make things work for the long run. I never talk to them, but to be honest I wanted to know. She informed me that my sign and the other sign is complicated. As a Pisces we have so much hope in love, but the other sign makes it difficult to love them, and a Pisces needs a leader, and a strong hold from that other person to hold them steady to the ground.

As I was reading what she was telling me, I felt a piece of me fall apart. I started to think, “Wait, isn’t love something worth fighting for?”, “Do we just give up?”, “He does keep me grounded in some ways, but in other ways we have fun. Isn’t that worth more?” naturally I was looking for answers, and all I was left was with additional questions. Leave it to my brain to over think everything.

What about you? Would you fight for something that you know is totally worth it? Would you keep someone around who makes life fun, and yet so frustrating at the same time? Should I just shrug off what the Psych said?