Funny thoughts

Do you think???

Do you ever think that if a woman takes control of a relationship then the man feels less as a man?

When a woman says, “I want a real man, not a man child that I have to babysit.” Why do you think they can never meet the right one? Do they always look for those who are typically their “type” with no thought of going outside their comfort zone?

I was talking to a lady today, we were talking about how men are completely different. Not just type, but age, and how they are as a person overall in life. She filled me in on her now ex-husband. Apparently he is a complete man-child, no concept of how to be an adult or anything living up to her standards. Naturally it got me thinking, “Does she know the difference?”

I sat there being very careful of what I was about to say, “Well I’m not the wisest person to talk to about relationships, but lucky for me I do know the difference and I’ve been very blessed to still have this person in my life.” She looked at me as if I was speaking a different language.

She asked me, “Well why aren’t you two together or married?” Giving her half a smile, my mind plays back to all those unbelievable happy times with ex no. 3, and I just say, “He’s the most perfect man I’ve ever known, but it’s complicated.” That was my only response. It was the only thing I could think of. Yet my mind started playing all those good days, fun evenings, amazing nights, and laughter and thought, ‘I’ll never have that again, I know it.’ Not wanting to dwell on it, I just shrugged my shoulders and left her office.

She came to my office, “Come on Jennifer, if there is nothing, I mean absolutely nothing wrong with this man, why is it complicated?” Again I wasn’t sure what to say, I just smiled, “It’s him not me, kind of situation.” Now you would think a grown woman who is close to the same age as me…40 years old, would understand that, but I guess not. “Its okay.” I told her, “We are still friends, and still love to laugh together.”

I guess the thought of knowing what a real/amazing man looks like, feels like, and more really does boggle the minds of those who prefer certain types of men.

If this is you, get out of your comfort zone, meet different kinds of men, different ages, then maybe you will be surprised.