Real Life

Loneliness in Life

Do you ever feel lonely? Are you the type of person who has to have someone in your life to make you feel like you mean something? Maybe you are the kind of person who can be in a relationship, and then when your alone you are completely fine until you meet the next person. Take life for what it is….still trying to figure it out.

Loneliness isn’t something bad, I’m starting to realize that. I am single, no one special in my life, but I have hope. There is so much hope that one day I can be lucky to walk this life with someone who is completely worth it. Also, maybe he will think I am worth it.

I can’t remember when I felt real love of someone who can’t wait to talk to me, who doesn’t make me feel like I am a burden of some kind.

I am not lonely, I don’t really suffer from loneliness. I do have my moments of feeling like I am completely alone, and unloveable. Things start to go through the mind of feeling like I can’t make something in my life work, but when you get reminded that you are not meant to find love, even though in the deepest part of your heart you keep a small portion of hope. Isn’t hope in love worth keeping?

Deep down I think we all need to experience a level of loneliness, but at the same time we need someone in our lives to make us feel special. It is those moments that make you smile, heart skip beats, and butterflies flutter around. However, when you are alone, between things in life you can discover yourself. Learn more about what your real goals are, and discover something special about yourself. Maybe, just maybe someone will come along and enjoy you just as much as you’ve enjoyed yourself.

Always hopeful that real love is truly out there, but experience loneliness as well. It makes all those large moments even sweeter.