Relationships….New Age Era

Has the concept of the ideal relationship changed? I often wonder about that because to be honest I think it depends on the couple, and their individual tendencies.

Is it possible to be in a long term relationship without the idea of marriage? Is it possible for the couple to make the relationship all their own? I will say yes to both of these because of my own personal views. Most women will want the big diamond ring, fantastic over priced wedding, and the gigantic wedding cake and amazing pictures to show off their amazing day and love. I on the other hand can probably burst anyone’s bubble when I take a part the ideas of relationships and eventual marriage.

Dating: This concept is when two people meet, they find each other attractive, and go out to different places together. It could be for one night, or a few nights.

Relationship: The next step of dating between two people rolls into an actual relationship. They get to know each other, spend more than the usual time together. They get to know family and friends. At some point the relationship turns to where either one will keep things at the other persons place. Everything just seems really normal, it is made just for the two of you.

Living together, getting engaged, and eventually getting married: This is where I am most jaded in the relationship world. I’ve been engaged twice, not really a fan of marriage, but I don’t mind the idea of living with someone because to be honest it can be fun. I think this part is entirely up to the couple.

I’m bad with dating, I’m good with relationships, then after the next stage is where everything ends for me. I’m in the phase of my life where I see relationships for what they are. Can’t two people make their relationship their own? Make it what they want? Does it have to follow a social “norm”.

Do you know yourself well enough to know where you strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to a new age type of relationship? Do you have a hard time explaining that to people or do you just not care?

I’m in that I don’t care phase, just as long as I am with someone I can laugh with, talk to, and have fun with.