Funny thoughts


When you finally decide that it is time to end something does it get any easier? Does the fact of knowing that he will never come after you, fight for you, or want to be with you mean anything at all?

I like to think when a man tells a woman that he can’t give her what she wants a couple of times, then once was enough. Right? This time is has to be, it really needs to be.

When you’ve not seen that person or had any real valuable conversation with that person, does the meaning of the relationship change? I think it does. I think the two of you can go on being friends, and nothing more. Do the best one can to remember that you were friends first, then lovers, and it needs to go back to being friends only…..friends with some happy memories hidden behind the now closed doors.

Do you tell yourself that you are done trying to find a solid relationship? I think so. Not trying to sound like a quitter, but I know my batting average is 0-3, just take my three strikes and I’m out!

How long do you think this will last? Which one of us will break? I know I need to find my backbone again just like I had before, but this time a thousand times stronger and harder than before. No more believing that a man wants to actually be with me, wants to create our own little world, and have fun. All men want is sex and no worries.

Starting to feel like I can’t do that anymore, it will have to be one day at a time. I know I’ll eventually get there. Just sucks that when I was curled up next to him, it was so right, comfortable, and I felt safe. Not stopping bullets safe, but safe from those who want to hurt me. That was the best feeling in the world.

Time to move on, cut the cords, and let it go.