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Opposites……yet fit

Do you believe in that old say, “Opposites attract.”? I like to think that they do, but it depends on the people that the attraction have hit.

Allow me to explain, again I do not have a lot of experience when it comes to “relationships” but when it comes to attraction for some reason I totally understand it. My first ex, I was attracted to his smile and his butt. He looked good in those baseball pants. Made me always smile when I saw that. As for ex number two, I am still trying to figure out what that was about. We had nothing in common, he was beyond different from what I ever messed with. Makes sense as to why we didn’t really fit at all and didn’t last. My most recent ex, he was definitely opposite of anything I’ve ever been with. A grown man who knows who he is, and what he’s all about. He likes to have fun, but he also enjoys staying home watching t.v. or a movie. It was so nice to be with someone who enjoyed the City we lived in, a mix of fun and casual. He could take it or leave it just as much as me.

Looking back at all three each one was completely different. The good thing about me is I don’t punish any man for the past mans issues. You have to make sure that you always wipe the slate clean when starting with someone new.

Can two people who live in their own “dream world” make things work? I always keep one foot in reality, and one in the dream world. What would you do if a man has one toe in reality, but acts like he lives in Neverland? Would you put up with it even though he is totally, completely responsible, honest, and an overall good human being. Do you think the two of you could make life work? Does one or both act immature or have fun?

Is it possible to have a real connection and still have fun with someone who is completely your opposite? Do you think that person would even want to give it a chance? Are you hoping for forever, or just let’s see how this goes kind of relationship. I never rely on looking for someone when it comes to Forever, but just being with someone would be nice.

What do you think?