Standing Alone

There are moments in your life when you realize that it is best to be alone, I mean really alone. You have good moments with someone who makes you laugh, smile, feel something that you once thought was dead, but at the same time you know deep down that that person is really only temporary.

Like most things in your life everyone is just temporary. The hardest part is letting that go, and learning from it. The hardest part is learning from it and growing from the lessons life is teaching all of us.

Once again life makes us all stand alone, back straight, and more when things do not go a certain way. It isn’t like it was fully anticipated for it to be a “Happy Ending” because you yourself do not believe in those meanings, or even in things working out because you are so used to the shoe always dropping. It is a never ending realization of knowing that something bad is around the corner and will eventually happen.

The hardest part is realizing that you will be okay, that you will breath easier, that you are meant for something else, you may not know what that is just yet, but you know that God has a better plan for you. Having faith in something you can’t see, or knowing that words are real, meaning is real, and it will get easier at some point, just being patient to get to that point is what takes the longest.

Take this moment to breath, deep breathing, get up and fight for a better life for just yourself. Eventually you will get there, these are lessons I am learning myself on a daily basis. Accepting that I’m not supposed to be loved by another person is something I am used to, not everyone finds that one person that God created for them, if you have then you are the lucky one.

As for the rest of us who are just accepting this life for what it is….Alone, living your own life, and acceptance of what it is. Make it your own.