Real Life

Not sure…….

The picture says so much, yet at the same time it gives the idea of where one can be in their heart and in their mind.

What do you do when you just want to be nice to someone without any hidden agenda. You know you can be friends with someone you love, but keep it honest. Do you think the other person even knows what that really is? Do you think someone sees more than what should be there? Isn’t that where misunderstandings and miscommunication start and screw everything up?

What some people fail to understand that when you are wanting to include them in your life, there is no ulterior motive of any kind, you just want to make them laugh, smile, and not be alone. Yes, I am sure they have family, but they could be miles away. Do you ever think that by opening the door for that person to not feel so alone that it could open their heart to something they could be missing, laughter? fellowship? developing new friendships?

Always remember there is zero ulterior motive here, it is just about spending time with them, showing them that life is something different for everyone, and that there are good families. Especially ones that hang out together when it is holiday time.

I often go back in my mind about when it comes to relationships, at one time they were somewhat easy. I mean what ever happened to being honest with the person from the start? I mean if you were just looking for a good time, please tell that person. Now, if you are looking for something that matters, say something! If the two of you can be friends, be friends, don’t assume that person is out to get you or something. It could be that the person does not know how to communicate what is going on with them, or even the fact that they just want to keep the lie going within themselves and keep playing you for the fool.

I often fall in different categories of being in a good relationship/friendship or being the fool standing there looking like real idiot. I know better, really do, yet for some reason I always fall for it. I’m at the point in my life that it is easier to just be nice to people, and be friends with them. Especially when it is men. Make sure you get your point across because IF you are the one who is the “man” in the relationship then you will know how everything will workout in the end………..ALONE, always alone. I say that because I am often the “man” in the relationship, taking the bull by the horns and making the other person be honest about what he has been hiding, and in all reality lying to me and himself about.