Do you often wonder what relationships are all about? You meet someone new, you get to know that person, become friends as well as lovers. Eventually after a while things change. Not sure when the changes happened, but it changes for better or worse.

Every “friend” relationship is different for everyone. I was recently told that I am his “special friend” I’m not an idiot, I know exactly what that means, and to be honest I guess it’s better than being nothing at all, right? Does that make me think less of myself as a person, let alone a woman? I have no idea anymore.

When dating is not your best asset of who you are as a person, would you prefer to have a FWB? Both of you are definitely getting something out of it, but what do you do when both of you have feelings for each other, but scared to admit it. Does that make you look weak or wanting something you have no right to want?

Every movie you watch, or song you listen to, it gives you a sense of hope that things between you and your “friend” will eventually workout, but if the person does not want that, but keep things the way they are what will it take for them to understand that the relationship does not have to be perfect, but your heart will love them no matter what.

Will you be able to move on from your “special friend”? Is it possible, will your heart always have something for them or will you be able to meet someone new? I always worry about that because I worry that I’ll never be able to meet anyone new, and establish a good solid relationship like I had before, or even the level of connection that was powerful. Is it possible?

What do you think? Is it possible to be more than just friends with someone who is a “special friend” after everything, plus not to mention do the both of you have an understanding or an agreement to end things IF either of you meet someone new? It breaks my heart thinking of that could happen at any moment.