Real Life

Inner Beauty…real or fake?

I often think about this idea of beauty being a woman who is almost as tall as me, hourglass figure, beautiful hair that works, amazing smile, bright eyes, and can just laugh about everything. Yes, fully aware that I am referring to someone’s outside “beauty” because to be honest it is the first thing we think about, but if we took a moment to really think of what is real beauty, shouldn’t we look on the inside as well?

I struggle with the concept of what real beauty is because I do not see myself as a “beautiful person”, I do the best I can to be a good person, to have a sense of humor, and not take myself so serious, but to have some type of fun in life. Yet, when I think of what someone might think as beauty they actually look past the looks, yes I am sure those caught their attention, but it was your personality that reached into them in a whole new level.

The messed up part about everything is that when you do not know that you are beautiful to others you do not believe them. I can say this with total honesty. If a man tells me I’m beautiful I just laugh at him, and ask, “Are you on something? I mean share the drugs man.” or “Check your glasses, if not get your eyes checked.” Yes I am that hard on myself and my appearance.

Do you do this to yourself? If you don’t then you are real about yourself, or you are lying to yourself about everything. I beat myself up mentally when I roll my eyes every time a man tells me something positive about me. I know that probably will never change, then again…nah I’d still think something is wrong with them. Lol! Only once in a while do I feel like I am beautiful, it is when I get dressed up super fancy for my annual Gala that I attend once a year.

How do you deal with the idea of accepting another’s idea of your real beauty as seen by others. I know I’ll never see myself through their eyes, wish I can change that. How about you?