Funny thoughts


Do you ever wonder why you can attract certain kind of men, yet you can’t keep the one man you want to want you back? There is nothing wrong with either of you, yet HE can’t be committed to a relationship, but you can ALWAYS find a man to sleep with (not that you would). What is that all about??

It drives me completely crazy when men who are not only 100% unavailable tell you that you are sexy, good looking, funny, and more….buuuuuuuuuuuuuut the ONE MAN YOU WANT DOES NOT WANT TO INCLUDE YOU IN HIS LIFE!

I feel like I am always on some messed up, broken hamster wheel. I see something amazing in a guy, he’s just my type to the T, we laugh, have a good time, and have things in common (ironically enough) but he shuts you out so fast that despite it being 100 degrees outside you’re stuck in the cold.

Do men ever really thing about what they do to us women? Do some women think about what they do to men?? Why is the concept of being in a relationship, falling in love with someone so freaking scary!!! Why would you want to be alone in this world, we are not meant to be alone. I wish some people would realize that before they end up dying alone.