Real Life

Piece of Meat????

I found this picture interesting after searching for my next topic to write about. Realizing that I am always seen as a piece of meat to men. Women just are, but why is it to those who are unavailable mentally, emotionally, or just completely unavailable because they are married, or want someone, but not the commitment of a solid relationship. Guess I’m the idiot who will NEVER cheat with a married man, or a man in any kind of relationship. Do you feel like you are nothing to men?

Let me explain this to all of you, I am not a size 8, I am just a little bit bigger. However, I do not carry my weight like most women who weigh the same as me. I will never apologize for the size of my chest, or my butt. Can’t do anything about them they have been with me since I was 13 years old. Now that I am 37 years old, my boobs have stayed somewhat the same, but my butt has gotten bigger, pure acceptance of every single part of my body. Does the acceptance of my body give me a different level of confidence? Yes and No, but knowing I have things that men are looking at at times does make me feel like a piece of meat, or just good for one thing only. It was a deep conversation of acceptance I had with my father when I was younger. He told me to, “Own every single inch of you, never apologize to anyone. Change something if you want, but do it for you No One Else.” The very few wise things my father ever did for me.

I never get offended if a man is looking at my boobs, or my butt. To me that is ridiculous to be offended by something that is totally natural, I mean we notice when a man is “scratching” himself on the front. I’m used to being “hit on” by random men, they can see that I no ring on my finger, I am pretty sure they can smell “available” on me, yet I can’t seem to be with someone who wants to be committed to me.

Being looked at for just a piece of ass is something that tends to take some getting used to (depends on the guy) I mean I know I’m using him for an occasional fix as well. Do you think men feel bad about that?…..NOPE! If he does then he needs his head checked. For us as women we need to own our bodies, we need to own what can not be changed, never apologize to ANYONE if your boobs spill out of the cups, or if your jeans are just a little tight around your butt. Just own all of it. If something goes too far, stand up and say something, but you be the judge of that, and make sure your girlfriends know as well. They will have your back when the time comes.