Real Life

What is Sexy?

I often ask myself this while I’m eating a bowl of cookie dough ice cream. What we think as sexy, is not going to be the same for someone else. I know I need to eat right, exercise, and give myself the chance to feel better about fitting into “smaller” size clothes. However, IF a man is willing to still look my way, wants to get to know me, eventually have sex then takes the time to know exactly what I look like the next morning AFTER all the makeup has sweated off, and the hair has fallen, why wouldn’t we want to be real?

I know it is something we put on ourselves as women, but do you honestly think a man really pays attention? I mean most men want to get to know you, I mean who you are personally. I’ve realized working with guys that they don’t care. Most of them are married, their wives are way above their pay grade, but they fell in love anyway. Good thing for these guys, their wives fell for their brains, and personality than their looks.

I am not a shallow person at all. I would rather be an interesting one, heck even a funny one than someone with big boobs, small waist, big hips, flat tummy, and thigh gap. I mean I have big boobs, big hips, a big butt, and a belly. I mean I don’t look my number on the scale, but I know I’m not built for a single digit life either. Do I wish I could look like a celebrity? Yes, but just their belly and arms area only **Cough..Scarlett Johansson**. I’m pretty happy with the rest of me.

Think of it like this. You are getting naked with someone, do you think they care if you have a new stretch mark on your belly? Do you think they even notice? If you like to leave the light on, I am sure they will see everything, but you have to fully accept the fact that they are still going to have sex with you no matter what.

What do you consider as sexy? When it comes to women we want the world, men on the other hand are still trying to decide, but it all goes out the window when they have a pair of boobs in their face. To me, if a man can accept the way I look before sex and after sex is a plus.