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Single…choice or because…….

Do you like being single? Do you remember what it was like being single? Are you super happy in your life being single?

Not sure about anyone, but I go through moments in my life where I love being single. Life is all about me! I am focused on me, and not worried about anything except what is within my own bubble. It took a long time to get through everything I had to mentally overcome so much when my relationship ended over eight years ago, nothing like protecting ones self when you are left at the alter. It tends to make you see things and relationships, let alone life so differently.

I am happy being single at times, no one to worry about, just deal with myself and my own life even though it is completely a cluster-f*$k, and I do not want to really bring anyone into it. However, it is so nice to know I have someone I can lean on to just give me a moment to be away from all of it. The idea of curling up next to someone, make love to them anytime you want, to laugh or smile with them makes being in a relationship completely worth it. Not marriage, but with someone who can make you laugh, smile, give you butterflies. To me he has to have the ability to bring my body to life! Not sure about you, but the sex does matter. OMG, when it’s good its GOOD!!!!!

What about you? Do you like your life as a Single person or do you like being in a relationship? or are you like me, you can take it or leave it?

Does being a single woman once you reach a certain age change? Are you seen different by those around you, does it matter? I believe men are seen different, some are “Peter Pan” and never grow up, but depending on the guy it is pretty funny, it is actually cute because they may act like “Peter Pan” yet still act as an adult. It can make life beyond interesting, but then there are those men who let go of that idyllic youth concept and defiantly grow up developing a hard shell of life. Yet there are those who are just born to be single, does that work for women as well?

Tell me what you think.