Let’s Schedule a Breakup

Two people know when it’s time to end a relationship. They feel it, and they see it. However there are those who do not see a breakup coming. I have fallen under both of these categories. When I knew it was time to end something, we both agreed to it, plus the good thing is I didn’t marry that one.

Reading a recent article, “Warning: Will he breakup with You in June?” naturally it comes from Matthew Hussey. He says that most relationships end in the the month of June because they survived the Holiday’s, and possibly birthday’s together. Yet, when it comes to summer time ending a relationship is such a big deal. He offers advice how to deal with handling the breakup, and how to move on because in reality the idea of a man not being invested in you as a person, then you are not a priority to them.

I look at it this way. If you know your relationship with the other person is on the lower side of the relationship life, end it, but end it with respect. Do NOT go cheat, do NOT act like a jerk, or even as an A$$hole. It is better to end it as two grown adults, and give each other the proper respect that is deserved.

Now, do not misunderstand me at all. If I get side blinded by a breakup (it has happened), I go through so many feelings: crying, eating junk, drinking wine, wanting to stab (will never happen) or punch something maybe someone. LOL!

Personally, I think saying that June is the biggest month when relationships end is kind of a farce, ridiculous! People break up at different times, during different seasons. I think anymore, ending something that was at one time great, yet could be fixed, but still end it says more about you as a person than the other one. If you do not have a solid reason to end something, then you are the problem. It is so hard to find love out there, why spend it alone? If you are not mentally or emotionally ready for a relationship, make sure YOU get help to fix you before you end something that could be pretty amazing.

Tell me what you think…Do you think June is the biggest time of the year or is there another time when relationships seem to end?