Real Life

Dark Cloud….Bad Luck?

Do you think that some people are just super lucky in life? Like everything they do just is 100% AMAZING, that they get into the school of their dreams, land the perfect job, meet the most amazing person, and make a fantastic life. On the outside their lives look so unbelievably perfect, if you know them on the inside it falls apart at times, but it picks itself up and back together with out spilling any blood.

Maybe you are like me, every little thing you try to do to make your life better, it completely backfires and goes from what was supposed to be good to completely bad, (Laughing). My cousin recently told my uncle that sometimes in life someone has to have bad luck to make those who have good luck in life balance out.

Is it something we are born with, or maybe it is something someone puts on us as a curse? I have moments where things are going good. I never take them for granted EVER because I know better than anyone that it could be gone in a second, (Always happens for some reason) but when things go bad in ones life so much you tend to really get used to it.

I do have a strong deep faith that one day things will work out, but I am human and I fail in God’s eyes no matter what. I know He loves me with a pure heart. I just pray daily that my life changes even just a moment. I pray for a chance to go back to school, better income, and love. Other than that I have everything in my life that I need.

What do you think? Do you believe that some people are meant to be blessed while the rest of us are meant for something else? Let me know.