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Anyone who reads my blogs know so much goes through my mind. It is either a good day or a bad day. Just like you, I have my ups and downs of this life. Today an email came my way from Relationship/Life Guru Matthew Hussey, “How to make him see you as Wife material” I started to read this article and started thinking, does any man really look at a woman he wants as “wife” material when he first meets her or is that something later down the line?

I often think that most men look at women as someone they want to get know, but not commit to them, or is that just me (laughing). What in the man’s mind gets them to the point of looking for and needing a wife? Is it that maybe their “light” is on and it is time to settle down. What if the first marriage failed what gives them the push to find or maybe want a 2nd one? or more?

As someone who has family members that marry/divorce/marry/divorce and so on (you get the point), they base marriage on the persons annual income. What do you base the idea of a relationship or even marriage on? Call me completely crazy, but I’d like to think the idea of marriage is something two people need to be really ready for. I mean that is a lot 24/7, 365 togetherness. I struggle with meeting someone who wants to commit to me in a simple relationship just as I would be committed to him. How does it work with marriage? (Laughing).

What makes someone a girl/boy friend material to begin with? How do two people get to the next level of the relationship to make that strong commitment?

I started thinking that maybe, just maybe some of us are not made for relationships or even marriage. Do you think a lot of us have some random Scarlett Letter/Hazard light flashing or hanging from the front or back saying, “Damaged Goods” or “Caution”, maybe even, “Handle with Care this one is Crazy”. Maybe some people carry some strange dark mark on them that keeps them from finding some kind of happiness? I’d like to think that maybe I fall under the idea of not being lucky in love, might as well keep that going in my own life (Laughing).

How do you feel? Do you think some people are just born lucky, or do they make the luck for themselves?