Can you Kill something?

This is a loaded question in so many ways. I often wonder if it is possible to kill off a physical and emotional connection with someone. To be honest, I’d have to say “Yes”

Every relationship goes through a slow death of some kind. It is up to the couple to keep them first, and the rest of life second. What Kills something for you? The way I look at it for me, would be if the person gets to know the real me, that turns them off instantly, and he loses interest. I’m not pretty enough, funny enough, I defiantly do not make enough money. Yet, I don’t have requirements for him, only to be faithful, truthful, and don’t hurt me.

Do you think getting married can kill something? I think it depends on the people. Most people who get married are ready for it, it is in their mind to be with this one person that makes every single thing in their mind and body come to life. What about the rest of us who just want to be with someone?

After marriage, do you think having kids can kill the relationship? Again, I think it depends on the people having kids. If it is something they want to make them feel like a tighter unit of family, then well you are good. The problem is some people have kids for the wrong reason. That right there will kill any kind of relationship, that has been proven to never make something better.

What about you? Do you think you need to take a step back and fix something before it dies off?