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Is it just One More Time?

I started thinking of this topic while I was cleaning up the gym at my part time job. I only work here one day a week, kind of sucks, but I need the money….Anyway, this song by Maroon 5 came on, “One more Night” in the song it talks about a couple who can’t quit each other. The sex is so amazing, that they sleep together over and over again, but leave the emotions and connections at the door. I know we do this a lot in the real world, but does it ever get “boring”?

Personally I think it depends on the person, the type of relationship the two of you have, and level of understanding. Not to mention weather or not the two of you can be adults about it. I am reading the lyrics to me it sounds like he’s addicted to her, and he beats himself for constantly falling for her tricks and lies to only wake up the next morning regretting himself. The funny part is he’s honest about when they are not together, he still craves her, feels her, and when he’s done with himself, there’s that feeling again of guilt.

Do you think you can really let go of a “booty-call”? I think you can. I honestly think it can be easy when there is a level of understanding that you will only agree to this once a month, and be done. Yet, there are those lonely nights that creep in. When you just want to have that feeling of a warm body pressed up against yours. Their lips, hips, deep breaths in and out. The sounds that they make because you’ve made their body come to life. Do you feel guilty the next morning?

When you think about the difference between a “booty-call” and a relationship, you take the time to actually decide what it is you really want from that person. You can become so addicted to them that not only does your body crave them, but the feel of their hand in yours could give you sense of calmness and peace. As for a “booty-call” the rule that one should follow, leave when it’s over. Try not to stick around, as best as one could possibly. Don’t ever get attached, but remember how they feel the next day and also the next time because they are probably doing the same thing with someone else.