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Are you SERIOUS????

Majority of the people around the world follows some form of “Reality” shows. Many I am sure know the storyline of John Cena and Nikki Bella. They dated for years before he publicly proposed to her on a major event in front of millions of people. She lovingly said, “Yes!”. They start their wedding plans, but two weeks before the wedding day, he decides he doesn’t want to be married, his reason was, “I don’t want kids.”

Have you ever faced the end of something like that so fast? I have, I know what it is like to be left at the alter as well, however, he went on Live T.V. and decided to say he will get back with her because he has seen the error of his ways. I have issues with this entire situation. Allow me to explain…….

Why get married if the relationship is going so great? I mean if your living together, or maybe not living together, yet things are going great, no problems, no issues, but there is a complete understanding of what the relationship is, what it is all about, and what the two people expect.

What if your partner wants kids and you don’t, does that mean the end of a relationship? In the back of my mind isn’t this something that should be discussed at the beginning of any relationship? I mean I’ve accepted the fact that I am not meant to be a mother, or anything like that, and I am more than okay with being with someone who doesn’t want kids, or can’t have kids, yet with most people it is make or break for a relationship. What happened to adoption? Does it have to be your own child?

Would you give that person another chance after they realize their error? I am sure he misses her, I am sure she is trying to move on without him because in her mind he was there for the wrong reasons (at least I think so) he wasn’t there for the reason to make a life with her, he knew she wanted kids, he knew she wanted to make a family with him, yet he decided to end it the way he did. Do you think you could forgive someone like that? I have a pretty forgiving heart and mind, but when it comes to putting a ring on my finger, and you break my heart I’m DONE! I’m F’NG DONE, do not come back, leave me alone and everything will be fine. I mean we will never be friends, we will never see each other like that ever again. She needs to decide what she can put up with, and also evaluate how broken her heart is, because that type of pain does take time to get over. It took me a long time to get over the fact of being left on my wedding day. I know that is why I am so anti-marriage.

What about you? Do you think you would have the heart to take that person back, listen to their “explanation” or believes anything that comes out of their mouth? Do you think you could look past all the pain to move forward with them knowing deep in the back of your mind and your heart that he or she will eventually hurt you? Would you make new rules? Could you even fathom the thought of touching, making love, to this person who ripped your heart apart?

Let me know.