Funny thoughts

A moment in time

Sitting at home binge watching my favorite TV show “Jane the Virgin” and I realized that “Jane” had “Rafael” as her support, as her inspiration for all of her writing, and he was the one who kept encouraging her to keep on with her writing. He gave her the confidence that she needed when she needed it, and also the confirmation that she was a good writer.

Realizing this, my mind goes back to what I had. In reality I had my own “Rafael” he was supportive, inspirational, sexy to me, confident in my writing, and at times my backbone when I needed one. I miss that, I miss that a lot.

When you experience something like that, something that leaves a mark on your heart, is it possible to have that again? I see things around that are a constant reminder of him. I often wonder if he even thinks about me, or even misses me at all.

I know I can’t compare a new guy to the past, it’s not right at all. That is if you are trying to make something work. How do you though? How do you stop that portion of your heart and mind knowing you had your very own “Rafael”?

When does it end? Does that hole in your heart go away or does it stay there longer than you expected it to, because for once in your life you FINALLY fell for the right kind of man, but the wrong phase in his life.