Starting Over….Does it happen?

I am starting to wonder if it is possible to start over in a relationship? Not with the same person, but with someone new. What are the possiblilites of meeting someone new who has the qualities you are looking for, that is willing to spend time with you, understand your quirks, and still make you laugh.

I had that talk with my therapist this morning. Going over the differences of past loves, past relationships to understanding what I am actually looking for and what I deserve. Funny how we as women often tell ourselves that we have a list in our heart and head of what we will and will not put up with, but at the same time will allow a man to come into our lives and bowl us over completely because he’s so different than those men of the past.

She gave me a book to start reading, “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown. I think this is going to be interesting because being brave being single, and setting standards for my life is going to be a whole new thing for me. I mean I should be used to being alone, not having someone in my life who makes it worth wild. Isn’t that what we all want? I know I do.

Do you have a list of requirements when it comes to a relationship? I mean we have lists for our lives, why does that list take a back seat. I now have to sit back and rethink of that list. I know I can keep it completely simple because that is all I’ve ever wanted in life. A simple, non-complicated relationship where I know I can rely on that person to be there for me emotionally. It sounds like my list could be from a dream, but why not? It could be real. Who says parts of life can’t reflect a dream?

My problem is with the idea of possibly “starting over” with someone new is how do you do it? How does someone decide they don’t want to be alone anymore? What would make you change your mind, or are you even really ready for that level of connection and commitment? I’m so tired of half assed relationships, aren’t you?