Do Over for a Misunderstanding

Do you think you could give a relationship another chance when it ended because of a complete misunderstanding? I started to think about this because my sister is giving this man she was dating for about a year, another chance, he left her because of a misunderstanding.

I am not sure what advice to give her, to be honest I’m not the best role model to show her a level of “strength” on how to move on from a relationship that was the best one you’ve ever had. I told her that to “Moving on will be the hardest thing you will ever have to do, the problem is your heart will always love them, it will cry and ache for that individual, but it is up to you to pick it up and move forward no matter how much you want to reach out to them.”

I found out over the weekend that she is giving him another chance, and naturally everyone had an opinion. I told her that I will never judge her, it isn’t like me to do that, she needs all the love and support she can get. She needs to make sure she knows that I love her no matter what. To be honest, when I went back and forth to the ex she and everyone else who had an opinion let me know how they felt. It didn’t matter what I thought, but they made sure to make me feel like I was completely insignificant and more.

What would you do for your loved one? Would you just support them and love them (my first thought), or would you make sure to let them know how you feel, and make sure to let the guy know just how F’d up he really is because he screwed up from the start.

Let me know.