Funny thoughts

Hope or Hopeless

Ever wonder if it’s worth it to hold onto hope? Ever want to throw your hands up to life and say, “Screw it I am done!”, as you are screaming at the top of your lungs wondering why you want to hold on to any of it?

When I left the dating sites I seriously thought to myself, “I know I’m done. I know how to market myself to someone, but if the right one isn’t ‘biting’ then I’m over it.” Maybe you are dealing with a broke heart and isn’t ready to let that love go, you hold onto the hope that he or she will change their mind/heart about you and give the relationship another chance, that for once in your life, “Love really does conquer all.”, just like the fairytales you were taught.

When is it time to let hope go? When it gets to be self deprecating? You look like a total loser knowing that he or she isn’t worried about you at all, when you wonder what is going on with them? I mean, you wouldn’t ever leave them hanging when you know they need someone to help them or even comfort them. You don’t want to bother them at all, but now things have changed, your not fully over them, but you know it’s time to let it go. Yet there are times when one holds onto a tiny, I mean SUPER tiny sliver of hope that he or she will change their minds and want to make it work.

Is that a dangerous thing to do, hold onto hope? The last thing you want to do is miss out on anything, or even anyone who could give you a better sense of hope you deserve.

Do you hold onto hope, or let go of the hopeless?