Funny thoughts

Searching for Thoughtfulness

Why is it so hard to find someone who is thoughtful? If you have someone in your life, you know they are going through something, how hard is it to pick up the phone and check on them?

Women do this all the time with their friends, but when it comes to couples, f’ck buddies, or whatever, it’s like you don’t really exist to them. Do you ever deal with that?

Yeah, I am day two into my new medication and I am trying to figure out my feelings, but the one thing has not changed, the need to be wrapped up in someone’s arms. To tell me, “It’s going to be okay.” Looking at me saying with so much faith and conviction, “You are going to be okay.”

I guess for me hoping to have someone else care for me that way would help just a little. Do you feel like that? When you’re going through something different or difficult in your life wouldn’t you want to be comforted by a lover? It says something about them, and how they feel about you or even how they rated you in their life. Now many relationships are different, their level of compassion is different or non existent, yet there is still something in you that wants to reach out and let them put you through that small portion of pain, just because you want to be near them. Sick I know!!

Oh well, we all need love, support, and compassion wherever we can find it. It warms my heart when my friends and a few family members check in on me. It shows me that I am important to them. Honestly, sometimes that is all it takes. Think about it and check on those you care about.