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Dating and Mental Health

Is is possible to date someone who has mental health issues? I’d like to say yes, just if the person is upfront and honest with you. I believe I told ex #3 that I know I’m crazy, but not crazy enough to slash tires or destroy property. It’s more of just too much crap in my head that I struggle to deal with. Guess he was okay with that, because he stuck around for a while. LOL!!

I recently took myself off those online dating sites. I just didn’t feel like I was really meeting quality men, their personalities didn’t mesh well with mine. Then out of the blue one day a local talk radio station was discussing dating sites and their questionnaires that they have. I know eHarmony makes you fill out about 50 millions questions about yourself, but I started to wonder with all those questions they ask (number of past sexual partners) why doesn’t it ask about Mental Health? Shouldn’t that be a question? Maybe someone on the other side of your profile may have the same issues.

Today I actually started looking at a few of them, I was so disappointed that it wasn’t a relevant question. I know I’m putting the breaks on wanting to have someone new in my life, I am currently trying to restructure it, and get used to being on some new antidepressants/Anxiety medication. Now that does not mean if a man finds me interesting enough to ask me out, I’ll take him up on his offer girls gotta eat…LOL, but as for anything else right now it’s not the best time.

So what I am asking is, would you discuss your Mental Health with someone you are dating? Would you feel ashamed to discuss it? Does it have a “crazy” stigma attached to it or not?

Let me know.