Funny thoughts

Just sex…no emotions

When men do it, it’s no big deal, yet when women do it, is causes a problem. Why is that?

Do men think they are the only ones who can use someone for sex? Why do some men get emotional or act like total jerks?

Last time I checked if you are not in a relationship or even interested in having a real solid relationship with someone, then why NOT have great sex together? Does it have to be complicated? I mean I know I can turn off my emotions, shut that door closed with a lock and key so you’ll never get back in.

What if I am playing you? Do you think you can handle it? To me it seems like you pull further and further away from me, it often reminds me that I too am just wanting one thing, here is the funny thing I don’t miss you like I used to when it was “us” yet I know you can still remember the sounds of my breathing in and out, the moans that would come from me, and eventually my screams that would come from deep inside of me because you’ve hit the perfect spot. Only you.

As I continue to play with you, please keep your feelings locked up, they were so easy from the beginning, do not develop a conscience with me, I’ll bounce again.

Understand I make the rules now. If you want me, come and get me! Make me believe in you again.

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