Funny thoughts


If you have not realized I do a lot of studying people and their behaviors when it comes to trying to get with someone. Some have it down, they know you need to “Market” yourself to basically “Promote” your interest in the other person. That way you get to judge if someone is interested in you, please never assume someone likes you based on levels of conversation or interaction.

Ladies, if you are interested in someone please make it known. Don’t just walk up to him and tell him, ask him out for something, we can do that now as women. Take control ladies, but then again with the way men are now a days, you might want to take a club to their heads and totally drag them with you. Be the Neanderthal this time. Please never assume a guy is interested in you by just smiling at him, you have to make your presence known. You have to make it a mission to get him to see you. This is all about “Marketing” yourself to him. Remember men don’t see past their lower half (hint…hint) you have to spell it out for them.

Men, you need to do the same thing! If you meet a woman that you are interested in, basically “Market” yourself as well. We never know if you are into us either. Make it obvious. Some women love gifts, if you’ve gotten to know her, know her favorite coffee or tea, show up with her favorite coffee from Starbucks and she will be the happiest chick in the world. Simple things are not complicated. The difference is you do not need to be a Neanderthal with a lady, temporary chicks yes, but a lady Never!!! Know the difference guys. Get your point across without slapping her over the head with it (metaphorically speaking) we too miss the signs.

Basically what I am saying is if you are interested in someone, booty bump that person out of the way if there is an obstacle (if they are seriously committed to someone now, then back the F off!) and put yourself in there. Know your boundaries, know where you stand with that person, there is zero reason anymore to have this ideology that if you just smile at someone they will know you want to be with them. Break out of that mentality because if you don’t you’ll be alone.

Dating is all about Marketing and Promoting ones self, who you are, what your all about, and more because eventually you’ll want to sleep with this person and well if you don’t get to it then you’ll be stuck.

Think about it, life is a game of Chess, we are all pons in some grand scheme of life until we Check Mate someone, then the game is officially over. It’s up to you how you want to play it, eventually someone wins, let that be you.