Who’s in Charge?

Are you in a relationship where you have to ask this question? I ask this because knowing that I am not, I’ve often wondered how couples decide who will be the “Dominate” while the other is the “Submissive”, I am using terms people are familiar with.

Do you allow your other half decide certain things or everything when it comes to building a life together? I sat back and thought about all of that recently. I was having dinner with a friend, and we talked about levels of responsibilities each person should bring to the table. Not sure about anyone else, but I’m all for keeping it simple, but open communication is key.

I told him, “I want a man who can take full control of everything I am. I’m good with working two jobs, and going home, just as long as I get food and sex. Lots of SEX!” he looked at me with his goofy look, “You are nuts.” we both started laughing, “I know.” smiling. I went on, “I am okay with being a submissive, when it comes to letting the man decide certain things of our relationship, but I must be included on finances. Other than that, that’s pretty much it.” He looked at me and nodded his head like he understood.

What do you think? Would you let your partner take full control of things? Think about it this way, it is just the two of you, no kids, just a simple life of things relaxed. Would that be horrible to let someone else make the decisions? I guess I don’t because there would be that level of trust. I mean we as women have so much control over so much in our lives, why can’t we let someone we love and trust take some control over certain things in our lives?

I do not want to demean anything we have accomplished, but to be honest IF I had a man tell me, “Honey, I’m making this for dinner, or we are going to this place for dinner, or why don’t you wear this, I think you look sexy in it.” or “Hey I paid this bill off for you, no need to worry about it anymore.” I’d be the happiest woman in the world because it would be one less thing I have to think about, especially when I know my money is being used for something good.

Think about it.