Funny thoughts

When things change

When you ask for honesty, I give it to you, yet for some reason you throw it back in my face like what I am trying to say means absolutely nothing to me or you.

Ever feel like that when you are in a relationship? Yeah, we all do. The funny thing about honesty is when truth actually comes out between two people, someone always ends up getting hurt, and at times walks away like a coward. Why is that?

When it comes to relationships, being real, honest, no games and no lies is something we all ask for (AMAZING SEX!!) yet when it’s there in our faces it seems to be too much for the other person. How do we overcome that?

If you have any ideas please let me know. I want to help someone who is struggling with a broken heart. This time it isn’t mine. For once my heart is locked up tightly and no one is going to get through. Yes, I occasionally use someone for something, but honestly two grown people who know the game and rules get it. Yet, someone always turns into the b*£ch, this time it will not be me.

Let me know what you all think.