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Lost Weight….Now you pay attention?

Ever notice how when a woman loses weight, her level of confidence goes up significantly, just as much as her sex appeal. Now she is doing all this for herself, no one else, yet when men start to notice that she is losing weight they all seem to pay attention to her, why is that? SERIOUSLY, WHY IS THAT?????????

It often bothers me that men are so shallow when it comes to looking at women who are trying to do something for themselves, yet when they do not lose weight they want the woman to accept them for how they look. Why can’t it work both ways?

I know I’m not a size 10 or even a single digit, but I’m not obese by any means I have curves for crying out loud, yet if a man comes my way I’ll give him a chance. I do have to be attracted to him to begin with, I’m not shallow at all. I base my judgment on his personality, not to mention if there is any actual connection at all. I mean you can’t get involved with anyone if there is no physical, sexual, mental, and more.

I’ve realized that men are placed in certain categories. Some are just your typical F-boy life style. I mean they have no desire to be with someone on a permanent basis (marriage is optional) yet be in a relationship, they are looking for a woman to F*%k only and leave, or maybe F*%k and keep on a string whenever they need it or want it, who cares what the woman wants. Then there are those who are looking for someone, but they want the super model, like a fake representation of a real woman. Then there are my favorites, these guys need some serious help, they have the heart, the drive, and the want to be in a relationship, but they screw it up so often by being a man child. They have not learned to grow up and be a man about things. They know they need to have a job, money, whatever else they need to make their life work, but they are missing that one thing……NO WHINING!!! They cry over everything, way too sensitive.

The kind of man I want is a real man, he’s got a job, kind, we have a connection, the sexual chemistry is there, and he would be proud to be with me. We can manage the daily things of life either together or apart it does not matter. We are just happy to be together. If I weigh 130 or 200 pounds you need to accept and love me for me, because I’d do the same for you. My thought is, “You want me to open my legs for you, then you need to accept me for who I am and what I look like.” how hard is that?

I know I feel sexier than I have in a very long time. To be honest it does feel amazing when men look at me, I feel sexy, but it does not mean I am going to sleep with every single one of them. I am getting healthy and losing the weight for myself, but if a man finds me sexy, interesting, or even wants to give a relationship a chance with me then I’ll give him a chance, opportunity whatever you want to call it, but I’ll still focus on working out for myself.

Do you see this often?