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Men do it, Why can’t Women?

Sex is something men do often. It doesn’t matter if it is with their wife, girlfriend, mistress, f-buddy, whatever you want to call it. Yet in 2018 women who have a one night stand are seen differently than if a man has a one night stand. Why is that?

If a woman takes charge of her sexuality men are excited, but when they take control of sex, that is a whole other situation. Do men think we are taking away their masculinity? I personally don’t think so. This is how I see it……a woman who is willing to have sex with a man (especially if they know each other), she decides she wants to sleep with him that night, he should be happy to know that what he satisfies her so much that she keeps coming back for more. It has nothing to do with taking something away from him, it has more to do with she wants him so much that she is tossing emotions out the window to just F your brains out.

Men do it all the time, only a few actually include emotions in sex. Most of them can actually separate them out. Those men are typical F boys, or something. I mean it could be a variety of things that make men not want to be in a committed relationship (different topic for another day). We call these men, “Man Whore’s” yet we have comments all the time day and night for women.

How can we change this? How do we take the stigma away from women? I mean “Samantha Jones” owned her sexuality on “Sex and the City” so many women were throwing their fist up in the air, basically a mental fist bump for the character. Kind of wondering if we are seen less than if we own our sexuality, own our one night stands, or just sex over all? Do we carry around some form of “Scarlet Letter”?

What do you think? I mean I had my share of one night stands in my twenties, but no one said I couldn’t have any in my late thirties.