“Rumple & Belle”

Have you watched a t.v. show called, “Once Upon a Time”? I have referenced it once before, a show about how our favorite storybook characters (i.e. Disney stories) have been cursed and brought to our world to live a strange existence until the curse was broken by “Snow White & Prince Charming’s” daughter.

Anyway, the key two people that I’ve really loved throughout the entire series was “Rumpelstilskin and Belle” their relationship falls under the “Beauty and the Beast” storyline. You all know how it works, but with the T.V. show it is different. Rumple makes mistake after mistake, breaks promise after promise, yet she continues to give him chance after chance.

Re-watching season one, going into season two I realized that some of the ideas of giving someone chance after chance is real. I know this is a show, with fictional characters, but the human element is in each episode. Funny, I know looking for a deeper meaning in a fake show.

Anyway, if you look at the pattern of the characters, they love each other even through the darkest of souls. Belle finds love in a Beast, she looks past who Rumple is, but what I wonder the idea of giving someone chance after chance after chance is really worth it? He hurt her so much, he broke promises, and he broke her heart, but eventually towards the end of the show, they had the greatest love story ever.

My goal for this whole thing is to talk about chances to fix something or maybe give someone another chance? I mean I’m not, but if there are changes that are being made and more who’s to say that things will not change for the two of you down the line. I guess it is giving me some deep thought.