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Can you own your sexuality?

I’ve often wondered how to do things anymore with another person based on nothing but sex. I mean I did that in my mid twenties, how do you do it in your late thirties?

Is it seen as something that is a bad choice when you take control of your life like that? or is this a better option than being totally alone?

How does someone do that? Do I need to be like “Samantha” from “Sex and the City”? (Minus all her adventures, lol, just want to keep it simple) As we get older owning our need for sex without all the extra stuff, are we seen differently or even seen at all?

What are the rules now? I mean the rules in my twenties were so different, not so much technology, not so much of wanting to share my life with my “friends” and people who are apart of my life.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m even good at relationships, like is all of it really worth is? Should I get with a guy, F his brains out on a constant basis until he breaks and wants to be with me for good? or just have fun for as long as I can.

What do you all think? Have the rules of sex changed? Is it wrong to tell someone, “Look we know us so well, can we just have a sexual relationship only? But we do need to set some boundaries and rules.” Is that horrible?

Does it matter or make a woman less of a respectable person in society? If men can do it and be seen as “The man” because he’s getting laid, why is it different for women?