Funny thoughts

Men and Women = different forms of hearing

Do you ever notice how the concept of men and women communicating has changed? I mean the idea of technology was the best thing ever, but it has added a lot of hidden meaning. It is now up to the person sending, receiving, and reading to fully understand what is being said. I have really seen the changes through the years. It’s crazy.

I’m a talker, I love talking to people, I do not care who you are, where you are from, or what you are about. Yet I feel like the meaning of, “Call me sometime.” has definitely gotten lost in translation. When I tell a guy this, I see him as a possible new friend, nothing more. I’m not looking for anything right now. It would just be nice to talk to a person who understands, or might help you out, just like you might help him out with what ever he maybe going through.

Whatever happened to understanding the difference, or reading what is really going on. I mean why can a man and a woman be friends? No hidden agenda going on. This is where understanding the meaning of words and explaining yourself clearly.

Oh well, this is a never ending thing.