Too soon?

I often wonder if moving on to someone new after a heartbreak is too soon? I’m dealing with the possibility of seeing someone new. I’m completely nervous. I’ve never ended something, and started seeing someone new. It isn’t me.

I feel like my heart needs a “grieving” period. Doesn’t yours? maybe it is just me and the way I think. I know my heart is telling me that it still has some feelings for my ex, but at the same time I know things will never change, he will never change. I am worried about what could happen if I don’t take the chance with someone new.

To be honest I am so nervous. Maybe I am making a bigger deal of it than it should be, but at the same time my heart isn’t sure what it is supposed to feel. My head is like, “Okay, lets see if we can do this. He is a nice guy, he’s funny, you two are the same age (not that it matters), but don’t get your hopes up like you did last time, we can’t afford another broken heart.”

I guess the first step is to go out with him for a coffee date, he offered either coffee or lunch. Why am I so scared? A part of me is wanting to break down crying, but the other part of me is freaking out. Why does this have to be so hard?

Let’s just say falling in love with someone who is so lovable and an amazing man is easy, he made it way too easy, but falling out of love with that man is the hardest part one can do. No matter how many positive books, new music, new looks, whatever you can do to help yourself get over someone who didn’t realize that he held your heart in his hands, but lets it go so easily. Getting “over” all of that is the hardest thing one will ever do.

One step at a time.