Real Life

It’s me….Not you….huh???

Have you ever gone through breakup and that is what you were told to solidify the breakup? Yeah, I have many times. It isn’t the most comfortable feeling because honestly it is hard to understand how someone can’t really pinpoint the truth of why the relationship wasn’t good enough to maintain.

I get some people struggle with this problem, or that problem, but there has to be an ownership point of the truth of why someone wasn’t good enough to even think of holding on.

I’ve struggled with letting people go, but it all depends on what has happened between myself and a man. I’ve never made a man feel less than who he is, and what he represents. I struggle with trust, because it never fails that somewhere and at some point something will fail. I have a tendency to take a lot of the blame and put it all over myself, and carry the shame because I couldn’t keep him. I know deep down it is a mans way of saying, “Your good enough for this, but not good enough for me to show you off and more.”

When you sit back and think about how a relationship ends so many things go through your mind. The problem of having someone tell you “It’s me, not you.” makes you really think all kinds of things. The worst part is there was something, there is always something that has caused problems for a good relationship to end. Why can’t someone state this or that is really the problem.

Understand, I’m not upset because of a good relationship ended, I’m upset that it wasn’t worth fighting for when things could have easily been fixed. Then again I’m just one side of it all. I’m not inside the heart or mind of the other person. The other two real relationships I had, they ended because one was in bed with another woman, and well the second one left me at the alter (key my issues with Marriage), but there has to be an ending point when you no longer hear, “It’s me, not you.”

I’m officially done with the idea of relationships. I don’t think I can’t handle it anymore.