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Ideal Relationship Life

Do you ever sit back and think about your ideal relationship life? Maybe you have it, maybe you don’t, or maybe your like me stuck with the idea that you met the perfect guy, but he’s got his body on the outside, but one arm in holding onto you because he can.

Yeah, that’s me. I’m sitting here contemplating what I would love to have an an ideal relationship life. Nothing that moves too fast, but moves along. I’m involved in his life, just like he is involved in mine. It doesn’t have to be a constant thing, but a little bit of consideration would be great.

Our parents would know about each other, no hidden secret. If he’s got kids, then I would be introduced to them at some point. Like I would introduce him to my extended crazy family at some point. Makes sense, right?

Our sexual relationship would be amazing, and be willing to learn more from each other day to day. Not all of us are sexpertise automatically.

He would remember the little things. Send flowers occasionally, understand that I hate Valentine’s Day, but still make a small effort to make me forget all my horrible past experiences…..breaking up with me, forgetting about the day, ME paying for everything including my flowers and gifts. Yeah I’ve gone through all of that. Just once in my life I would love to get flowers, and have a nice quiet dinner at home together. It doesn’t have to be fancy! It could be pizza and beer with some music playing, or even a movie playing instead. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO F’NG COMPLICATED!!!!!!!! Don’t get me started about my birthday, for some reason that is always dismissed in my life as well. Every single man I’ve ever been a relationship with has put in ZERO effort, yet when it’s his birthday, I am all about, let’s celebrate you!

All I’ve ever wanted was a simple relationship life. One where I felt wanted, desired, IMPORTANT!!!!! I see other women who have those things, why is it so difficult for me to have them? Do you go through anything like that? How do you handle it? As you can see I’m not doing so great.

We all know we are different people, we come from different backgrounds, and places in our lives. I just want to be included in his. When will that ever happen? My first answer to that question when I ask myself that, is Never. I’m a dirty little secret that’s good for one thing only. I hate the idea that to a man that’s all I’m worthy of when I know I’m so much more.

Guess one could always say, it was fun while it lasted, learned a lot about myself, and what I deserve, but eventually like everything else in my life, there comes a moment when one has to move on.

Sad when your willing to fight for someone and something, but they don’t show a hint of consideration for you. It seems like every relationship I’ve been in has ended up where I’m good enough to have sex with, but not good enough to have a great relationship with. I’m not difficult or complicated, I just want simplicity.

Oh well, story of my life.