Funny thoughts

Commitment Season

The holidays have come and gone. Your social media was full of couples, families and more enjoying this time of year. The other thing I noticed was there was a LOT of proposals and or weddings. Why is that? Why would you want to take a crazy busy holiday and propose, or marry someone when it’s also what every other person will be doing as well??? I don’t get it.

Look, I’m not anti marriage, but I am anti doing crap like that during the holidays. To me it screams, “I couldn’t come up with any other ideas to make a super romantic day just about us, but let’s do it where I know there will be a ton of people & give you a mountain of pressure to say, ‘Yes’ to me, or even ‘I do'” why do things like that have to be publicized at all???

I am guilty of making something’s about my “relationship” public, but not everything. That’s why I put my Facebook relationship status as It’s Complicated, because let’s be fair, IT IS!!!!!!

Again I’m not anti marriage, but I’m very pro relationship between two people who are good for each other. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get married, but I’m good with some form of commitment. I mean if a guy (current one or one in the future) and I eventually move in together, we can give each other rings to wear showing that we are committed to us and our relationship, then I’m great with that! Strange concept I know, but when you’ve had two failed engagements you tend to look down at the idea of ever getting married.

If a man ever wants to propose to me, make it about us, make it between us. We can announce it to the world later. Pick a better day, but make sure you feed me. Lol! I’m a simple creature.

How about you? Did you get sick of seeing everyone get engaged or married during the holidays like me? I guess you can add a tiny bit jealous in that mix. It’s like when is that going to happen for me? My personal thought is, “When will I F’ng get a man to actually commit to me and not treat me like a piece of ass?