Real Life

2018…What’s new?

In just a few days it will be January 1, 2018, do you look at your life experiences that you went through the year before and pray that you don’t go through them again? Do you look at the New Year as a way to start over, or make life better?

I always look at the New Year as a way to make better changes, try not to make any bone headed moves that will mess up my life for good. I’m not a fan of “New Years Resolutions.” I think they are completely a ridiculous thought. I mean it’s like making sure that you go to the gym, lose weight, eat healthy, or make new friends. I look at it as this, ‘If you didn’t attempt to start in 2017, what makes you think your going to do it in 2018?’

I know I will defiantly take a look at relationships, and people. I’m going to have to make sure that I do not allow certain people into my life. Especially one’s who just need something, but to also be responsible and respectful about things and people. When it comes to my personal relationship with a man, well I think that will need to take a full step back of re-evaluation. I’m always so confused about it. I can’t stand it.

My goal for 2018 is to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again, to be better with my finances, to tell people how it is, try not to come off as a b*%#c. I know I will need to make sure that I will start speaking my mind when it comes to a relationship, and what I want vs. what I actually deserve. I’m starting to realize that I’d like a lot more inclusive, more romance (doesn’t have to cost a lot), some sense of knowing we are together, and more, so much more.

What are your goals for 2018? Never set any “Resolutions” because they are easily broke, but set Goals, those are far easier to obtain. I’ve got Goals for my life…pay off bills, get out of debt, get my own place (again), and live, something that is all my own, get my school stuff taken care of. I’m still not ready for marriage, but I’d love to be in a committed relationship. That would be a cherry on the top for my life.

Think about your Goals for 2018 and your life.