Funny thoughts


I realized that relationships are so different based on the couple. I mean we each make it what we want, how we want and more.

I know it’s so easy to take someone for granted and do nothing but expect them to do everything for you. A lasting relationship can’t work like that.

I say this because, when two people take a step back and re-evaluate their relationship, have a full understanding of what they both want, then at that moment it is about just the two of them. No one needs to understand, or even expect it to be the same as others. Each person are their own individual personalities to being with, however when they get with someone, they still need to be their own person, and yet still become one together.

I know this sounds totally strange and different from what I’ve said in the past. I’ve realized that while current man in my life, as little as we are together, but when we are together it’s perfect. I am sure I drive him crazy because he’s so used to being alone in his space, but when I take over he’s amazing! The little things of our relationship is what I appreciate the most.

The reason why I say this is because he shows me how he cares, and more. Going with me to events, parties, giving me his time, and even letting me just talk to him. I know he laughs at me often, I don’t try to be funny, but it happens. The only difference is that I am a very affectionate person, he isn’t. I try to crack through all of that, but I take it one thing at a time when it comes to him.

I started realizing that I am never going to change him. I have no reason to, he’s perfect as a man in so many ways, especially when I look back at what I’ve dated in the past. I’m so happy with the way he is, the way he shows me how he cares, how he shows his affection towards me. Yes, at times I wish there was more of it, but we both are so busy at times.

To potentially say the L word is going to take me a lot. I can feel it in my heart, but at the same time I would love to hear the word from him as well. I’m afraid to say it, I’ve been burned one too many times by saying the L word too fast to someone, this is why I am not saying anything.

In the next few months it will be a sense of walking on glass for me. After how he walked away from me this year, I’m hopeful that he will not do it again in 2018. It’s always that feeling of waiting for the shoe to drop.

I’m hopeful that things will just keep flowing the way it has been for as long as it can. We don’t need rings to make any kind of commitment to each other, but knowing that we aren’t going to cheat on each other works for me.

What about you? How do you appreciate your partner?