Funny thoughts


Do you have dreams about your life? Goals? Relationships? or just dreams in general? I tend to dream or maybe fantasize about all kinds of things. All of them are a mix of where I hope my life will go, but also who I want in my life and where I think we should be.

It hurts my heart whenever I think of how I am really being treated. The dreams help me escape a little bit. It helps me have a sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe there will be a flashing of lightning that will strike that person in their heart to possibly make me a priority, just like I know I do and would.

Now the dreams that become fantasies help with my writing that I do on the side. It’s a great way for me to think outside of the box of how I could possibly be in a relationship, or maybe how I want a man to take some form of control. Not in a horrible, “I own you” kind of thinking, but sexually. I often think of some stuff that is way out there that I’ve never done personally, but maybe one day want to try, especially with him, if he wants to. Other than that it’s just ways of self expression.

What do you dream of? It could be anything from a simple normal life, to making the big bucks and having a fancy car and a big house, or you could be like my uncle and dream about your cat wearing a smoking jacket, (still do not get that one).

I truly believe that dreams do come true at some point in our lives, but at the same time they give us the courage to maybe, just maybe try something out that we would never ever think about.

Deep down I love the idea that as I dream at night, or maybe during the day it’s God’s way of saying, “I hear your daughter, don’t worry I have you.” Then again with some of the thoughts that run through my head for my writings it’s probably something else. LOL!!!

Tell me what you dream about. I’d love to know.