Funny thoughts

Competition….good thing or bad thing?

I often wonder if competition between men is a good thing?

I’m going to test this for many different reasons. I often wonder if men who are “Alpha Males” get jealous of other men who might be “circling” their territory. Kind of like that idea of, “Hey man I’ve pissed on that tree, don’t piss on it.” Kind of mentality.

I work with a lot of guys, majority of them are married, except one. He’s around my age or younger by a little. The only flaw with him in my eyes is he does not believe in God. My goal is to help him see that God is real, He does exist. DS is a great guy, he’s just super quiet at times, but needs to be more responsible for coming to work.

I often wonder if a new puppy might give the ‘ol dog some serious competition or make him realize how important I really am to him to want to fight to keep me.

Horrible idea I’m sure, it could possibly backfire on me completely, but then again it may just show how another man sees me. As someone who is valuable and not just a piece of ass to fuck whenever you want.

I know I’m totally guilty of trying to get my way in this situation, but honestly what else am I supposed to do! I want to be with the ex so much that I give him chance after chance to make it right, yet he doesn’t. I mean it’s always been a total open door policy for him.

I’m over it all. I’m looking forward to the Gala coming up. I’m getting a fabulous dress, doing my own hair and makeup. I’ve got a room reserved and I am going to have fun!

I’m sure you all are going to tell me I’m crazy and that I’m the one who will end up with a broken heart, honestly that’s all I’ve had and I’m ready to be with someone who wants to be with me.