Funny thoughts

Thoughts…sadness & never ending heartache

Having late night thoughts go through ones head about things makes certain situations difficult it deal with.

My life is busy now that I’m working two jobs, his life is busy since he’s always on the road for work. I foolishly hoped that we would talk a little bit more now that my life is finally coming together one day at a time. I’m not bothering him, God I hate bothering him when I know he’s working, or could be with his kids.

I’m not that kind of person who wants to text him daily. Every once in a while of, “Hey, checking in, sorry I’ve been busy. How are you?” Kind of texts. Heck even some good phone sex would be great every now and then will help me out with the idea that you might slightly miss me, and maybe can’t wait to see me.

A laughing stock is what he’s made me. Hoping for something to happen again, when I’ve never once said “No” to him for anything.

I give you your space, you give me mine, but it would be so amazing if you can see what your doing to me, we could be happy together, far better than what we are now. Then again my heart and my gut is screaming in pain because it feels like it has to face something and or someone else very soon.

Story of my life.