Funny thoughts


I often wonder if it’s possible for a person to reform their ways?

I guess I’m asking this because I’d really love to know. If someone makes a bad decision that has caused problems, but they meet someone new, is it possible to really fit with that new person and the relationship really works out perfectly for them?

Is the person a total lost cause? When do we stop giving people a second chance of happiness? Is that even allowed for a Cheater?

I know this sounds totally stupid, but for me it depends on the situation of second chances.

How do you deal with finding out the truth of why things went south in their previous relationship? I mean if it was infidelity, irreconcilable differences, abuse, and even death. How do you handle it? Do you help the person or do you by pass them and wish them well with their life?

The reason I bring this up, is IF by chance you maybe be attracted to someone and the both of you flirt with each other often, yet you know the reason of WHY he is now ending his relationship/marriage, what do you do? I mean give him space and stay friends, or do you hope to give it a shot between the two of you knowing in the back of your mind that he’s “slipped up” once?

I know that sounds totally stupid, but I’d really love to know. I’m not a fan of cheaters, but don’t they deserve another chance?