Funny thoughts

What to do???

What do you do when you feel like less of a person to someone?

Tell me honestly because when you still value them in some way, what is the best way to just cut it off without hurting yourself?

The problem is no matter what you do it will end up hurting no matter what. You look at the person and see all their good qualities, all the things that made you super happy to be with them because you can allow the true self come out. No playing games with them because they’ve played them before, yet somehow still manage to act beyond immature in their own way.

Why do I feel like I’m the one in majority of all my “relationships” that I’ve had in the past make me feel like I’m the one with the balls or something like that? It sucks!

I’m often made to feel less than what I really am. Like I’m the one with the problems or the one who caused the problems to void out the relationship. I’ve gotten used to it unfortunately, that is why I struggle with trusting it at all.

I know I have depression, a minor case of anxiety, and that my life isn’t perfect, but hey who’s is? If you say yours, you are either lucky or your lying to yourself and it’s time to face the truth.

The difference in me from others who prefer to be fake is I own all of my crazy! I’m not going to slash your tires, or spray paint your car or anything like that, it’s stupid. I will write about it and figure out ways to kill you in my writing.

I guess my frustration is when will the heart stop hurting? I’m getting better with time, but I’m also getting better with the ability to stop my feelings. Doesn’t mean a small tiny portion isn’t there, it does sneak up on me every now and then. I’m trying, I am really trying.

Guess the good thing is I don’t get random text messages anymore. Nothing like pure silence to basically tell me to F off and to forget about everything.

I’ve said this before and I’m going to say this again, time to cut the s*€<t off, No More!!