Funny thoughts

Changed views

If something bad happens to someone you know, or care about and they are struggling to get by, does that change your views of them?

For me, it doesn’t. I see it as, we all go through something good or bad. Life isn’t always so easy. It’s not always black and white either. Events happen for whatever reason in that persons life that they could be going through something and they really need emotional support just as much as financial.

The worst part for a person is dealing with things in a large room with no one to hear them or help them.

When it comes to a relationship it changes everything. When there are struggles then it creates problems. There is always issues with money, one it better at than someone else.

Do you think you could hold someone’s faults against them? Would you use it as a way to punish them for not having a life together?

I’d really like to know, because honestly when you take stock of your life, do you have it all together? I mean truly all together. If you say, “Yes.” Then great for you. You are out of debt, everything is paid off, you have money saved for emergencies and more. Your prepared for the just in case situations.

If you are like me, you just want to survive daily. I hope to have it all figured out one day, but until then I do what I can.

Let me know what you do and how you do it. Also, are you willing to put others to shame instead of looking at yourself? No one ever has everything together. You breakup with someone, get a divorce, family situation happens, and more. We have to be ready for whatever life throws us.